creating an xmas special is something i’ve always wanted to do. I have ideas for some i’d like to make. as is, it might work better as part of an established canon. i’m not crazy about that. it’s possibly a bit sentimental, but such is the nature of holiday specials.

hit the link to read it if you even want to, baka.

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the literal alienopolis could be a third act.

some sort of story established in the metaphorical alienopolis has to conclude here.

it has to integral to the story.

however, what could conclude if the world was destroyed?

i’m thinking clones. or something equally as stupid.

The Possible One.

A kid just out of college.

(Read as: “CAST A FRIEND”)

moved to a new city, knows nobody.

loan collectors harass him endlessly.

a girl sits with him at a restaurant and they exchange an few awkward words. on his way home a man shows up and tells him that he’s been selected at random by an alien counsel to survive an oncoming terrestrial nuclear war which would destroy the planet.

"collectors are getting ridiculous"

the next day the girl is wearing the same t-shirt as he is.

he starts getting calls from his family asking about his mental health

his facebook account has been hacked and it’s been updating his statuses with suicide notes. he expects the banks did it.

the alien man continues to show up and tries to make small talk, but always finds a way to fit in discussions about bombs and factoids about nuclear fallout. He admits to writing the suicidal facebook updates, saying that it provides a cover for him leaving earth.

that’s as far as i’ve got on this one

plot holes:

why would the aliens care about this random guy?

what i’m still trying to figure out is how to show that this is the story about the guy who was randomly selected by aliens to live beyond the earth.

i think i could probably make it even shorter than 90 minutes for a school project.

honestly, writing it down has made me less interested.


The basic story of alienopolis is this:

"some person, who is isolated in some capacity on earth, eventually overcomes their struggles, but winds up on a literal alien colony and the problem they overcame is back in effect, starting them from square one."

Starting off is easy enough:

"a woman who can’t leave her house"

"a man with no friends"

something like that. i can draw from some personal anxieties this way.

they say write what you know.

As i’ve been thinking about it more there are two interpretations that i’ve been thinking of the most:

the possible one (estimated runtime: 90 minutes)

this is the one, with enough dedication, i could make myself. because what’s the point of writing something if you can’t get it made?


the impossible one (estimated runtime: 4 hours)

This is the one where i can write as big of a story as i want. because it’s not like it’s going to get made.

expect posts on both soon.


A few months ago I had this dream.

I’m in charge of a campus screening group. We show movies that are voted in by students.

When running a screening group you do run into your share of problems. Subtitles not working, subtitles on for a movie that’s already in English, nobody can hear the movie, everyone is going deaf because the movie is too loud, and of course, people talking. (h8 u BTW)

In my dream, we were showing “Brazil.”

However, things started going wrong. And they weren’t the usual things.

There was a new projectionist who started the film and left immediately. so when russian subtitles were on, I was the only one left to fix it. Of course, the projector set-up was now controlled by a 3 screen switcher and 200 buttons which only seemed to fuck things up more.

Along with a million different resolution changes, at one point the film switched to a shitty sci-fi movie called “Alienopolis.” 

…You see where I’m going with this…

The crowd booed, complained and walked out. “This is the worst thing i’ve ever seen.”

When I woke up, I immediately tweeted what i had just dreamed. It helps me remember. 

I googled “Alienopolis” and no such film existed.

I joked that some day I would make a Syfy Original Movie called “Alienopolis” and it would the greatest of the Syfy Original Movies.

I moved on and forgot about until a friend mentioned it a few weeks ago.

Since then all i’ve been able to think about is how I would make a film named “Alienopolis.”

Is it a metaphorical Alienopolis? a literal Alienopolis? Both?

Could I make it better than a Syfy Original movie?

It’s been fun and i’ve created this page to organize ideas for the movie.

Expect sentence fragments, and script snippets.

Oh, I’m also a Cinema Major.